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Our Guarantee

Online Lead Solution’s guarantee is not your typical guarantee. After you and your assigned Online Lead Solution rep have worked out a price per call for any qualified leads that we send you, our automated system will generate an invoice. The invoice goes out via e-mail every Sunday and is to be paid on Monday. Before you pay, look over the invoice and for whatever reason you don’t feel that we sent you quality leads then simply throw the invoice in the trash! That’s what I said, “Throw it in the trash!” and we will go our separate ways on good terms. Nobody understands better than us, for every dollar you invest in advertising and marketing, you must make a profit after expenses.

We want to develop a solid business relationship with you and in order to do so, you must be able to make a profit from QUALITY leads we send you. We are so confident in our system so for each week you receive an invoice that you do not feel it was of any value to your company, just don’t pay it.

Our guarantee in a nutshell…

At Online Lead Solution we deliver quality calls or you don’t pay for those calls.

Let’s get started today…

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