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Contact us: 941-312-7347

Online lead generation
Everyone knows, acquiring  quality leads and getting the phone to ring is important to any business.

This is where our online lead generation service far superior because that is exactly what we do!

Now you can get calls and local leads that would have called your competition.

Sure you need to spend money to advertise but wouldn’t you rather spend your money to get a live customer on the phone needing your services?

Who else wants a No Contract and Risk Free option to get new customers, needing expert services, to call your business?

Hi, my name is Chuck Smith and I would like to offer you something totally new. By now you have experienced the benefits of the complimentary online leads I’ve been sending you. I hope you have benefited well from them because I want to help grow your business.

For those of you that are not receiving our local leads, keep reading because our local lead generation services can be a tremendous value to any business.

I have been helping business owners for well over 12 years now. I understand how important it is to get the phones ringing with quality leads at a fair price.

You see, I’m already getting calls and leads and selling them to businesses just like yours. We will continue to get live calls and quality leads in your area. I have chosen your company in hope of finding a professional, reputable and trustworthy business to handle these live calls and leads.

Exclusive Online Lead Generation Service In Your Area

I only deal with ONE business in any area and that company gets ALL the local leads. You can be the one and only business in your area that will receive these live calls. When I say exclusive I mean just that.

Our services are on a first come first serve basis. Now you can get these leads that would have called your competition to call you first!

Think about it… We are looking to partner with one professional company in your area.

Who will be the ONE expert in your area that will get ALL my leads?

Why not try our service for just 1 week and if it is not right for you or you don’t think it is a good fit, we can go our separate ways, no problem.

Heck, don’t even pay the bill! It’s okay if this is not for you; perhaps you have too much on your plate to handle new leads.

I will simply start looking for another company because I need a professional in your area to form a solid business relationship and in the process help grow their business.

If you’re interested, let’s discuss the details. Why not contact me today? Here is my office number (941) 312-7347

I answer all calls personally.


Chuck Smith Owner


PS In case you are wondering all our leads come from people who are actively looking for what it is you do, no cold calling, no coupons etc, just real leads. We are a marketing company with lots of internet properties so we are able to generate traffic and deliver the calls to you.

PSS Here’s what I’m offering you in a nutshell. This is… Pay Per Call

  • You only pay for qualified leads
  • Risk free
  • No contracts
  • No money up front
  • Billed every 7 days (automated email for convenience)
  • Get the leads that would have called your competition!